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The Christmas Village Cookie Cutter Set
The Christmas Village Cookie Cutter Set

The Christmas Village Cookie Cutter Set

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The Christmas Village Cookie Cutter Set is the perfect addition to any cutter collection - especially those who love unique cookies!

Material: All of our cookie cutters are 3D printed with PLA Plastic.

Size: All sizes are measured by the longest edge of the cookie cutter.

This set is going to be a scaled set - if you choose the full set option. Small, Medium, and Large for the buildings and then you can add on the extras and standing supports on the separate listing - Christmas Village Add Ons in whatever size you choose!

The buildings will be labelled (like our new hand lettered cutters) and will include: school, large house, holly jolly apartments, general store, police station, bakery, coffee shop, diner, fire station and medium house. 

The Scaled Full Set:

Large: 7.5" school, 7" police station, 5" medium house, 6" large house, 8" holly jolly apartments, 6" general store, 7.5" fire station, 7" diner, 5.5" coffee shop, 5" bakery

Medium: 6" school, 5.5" police station, 4" medium house, 4.5" large house, 6.5" holly jolly apartments, 4.5" general store, 6" fire station, 5.5" diner, 4" coffee, 3.5" bakery

Small: 3.5" school, 4" police station, 2.5" medium house, 3" large house, 4" holly jolly apartments, 3" general store, 3.5" fire station, 3" diner, 2.5" coffee shop, 2" bakery

You can shop the add on listing here:

Care: Hand wash ONLY in warm soapy water. Do not heat the plastic or it could warp or melt the cutter.

Feedback: Once you receive your order, if you have any questions/concerns please message us. We strive for all customers to be 100% satisfied with their item(s). All items in our shop are fully refundable if there is a problem (defect, etc.) with the product. Please contact us regarding any issues before leaving feedback.

Design: Every design is sketched and then illustrated by the Cut It Out Cutter team. Each cutter has a fine edge to get a sharp cut for the best cookies! We also build each cutter with three different sized layers so they are super durable and strong!