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PYO Long Ear Bunny Cookie Stencil

PYO Long Ear Bunny Cookie Stencil

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This stencil/cutter set is the perfect addition to any cutter collection - especially those who love unique cookies! 

*Choose either 3.5" or 4"

*Choose stencil, cutter, or both

I have added the outline of the cutter onto the stencil so you can see how the cutter/stencil fit each other - that line will not be on the final stencil.

Material: This cookie stencil is 5.5" x 5.5" and it fits most popular cookie stencil holders. It is made out of .007mm food safe plastic.

Care: Hand wash ONLY in warm soapy water. Do not heat the plastic or it could warp or melt the stencil.

Design: Every cookie stencil is designed by the Cut It Out Cutters team.