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That Time of the Month Box!

Okay guys I have finally gathered all the details for the TTOTM Box in one place to hopefully make things less confusing for the future! 

What exactly is the TTOTM box?

It’s our new monthly box that has two mystery cutters for only $15! (yes we had to increase the price to $15 a box) These mystery cutters will go with a theme, season, or holiday for that coming month - which will be disclosed prior to purchasing. If for some reason you haven’t seen the theme in our Instagram stories or newsletters, it will always be listed in the description of the TTOTM listing.

How do I purchase one?

We will be printing these secret cutters and prepping boxes all month long and will release them on the first day of each month at 12:00 noon central standard time. Before that, at 7:00 AM the email subscribers will receive the monthly newsletter containing the free shipping code for the box. With this code, our domestic US customers will get free shipping on the TTOTM box, making it only $15. 

What if I forget to use the code?

If you forget to put in the free shipping code, we will not be refunding shipping so please make sure you enter the code at checkout. If you did not receive the email and you are subscribed to our email list, you can email us before 11:00 AM CST on release day and we can add you manually to the list and send you a screenshot of the newsletter. Emails about the TTOTM that come in after 11:00 will have to be answered after the release.

What is the next theme for the TTOTM Box?

So far this is the schedule for the themes in each monthly edition.

March-Easter /April-Mother's Day /May-Father's Day /June-Magical /July-TBD /August-Fall /September-Halloween /October-Thanksgiving /November-Christmas /December-New Years-Winter

This schedule could possibly change if we get several requests for something like a birthday, wedding, or baby box. If you have any recommendations please feel free to comment at let me know!

Will I be able to get one for sure?

My honest answer: I can't guarantee any one a box just yet. I wish I could but we need to get a few editions under our belts before we know what the demand really is. My hopeful answer: yes if you are prepared. And by prepared, I don't mean wait on Instagram for a swipe up in our stories and try to grab one that way. By prepared, I mean STALKING our website. Logging on a few minutes early, search TTOTM in our search box, logged into your account, coupon code copied and ready to paste, payment info saved with PayPal or Shopify pay. Those are some of the best ways to ensure you grab a box.

Last month, we completely sold out in 3 minutes. THREE MINUTES! I was beyond shocked. Although we had a limited quantity that month, we are trying to triple the amount we had last month. 

Will this ever be a subscription box?

This is by far the most frequently asked question. Trust me I get it, trying to snag a box like is a beanie baby on Black Friday in the 90s is stressful. We only have an annual subscription that is prorated for the rest of the year - these are our TTOTM VIP customers. We have a waitlist that we pull from so if you want to be included to the waitlist, please email and we will get back to you.

Will we see what is in the box?

Before it goes live? No. No sneak peeks on my end. After the box is mailed out? Sure! When people start sharing their happy mail on Instagram we will share it and finally show what was in that edition of the box!

When will the boxes ship?

That same day! YAS! (unless the 1st is on a weekend) All the hard work that went into the box all month long really pays off that day. As soon as we list the box and they start to sell, we immediately begin printing off shipping labels. Our mail lady really loves us by the way.

Any other questions?

Email us at and we will get back to you!